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mc profiles


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This is the profiles on rip up squads Mcz


Mc fatality got into mcing when he first got pure garage 1 back in 1999.when he first herd fly bye sparks and kie he fell in love with the track and started making up chats. Soon he started spitting them at school and people thought he was heavy. Mc scream was his name then. When doing a set as a member of rip up squad at traxx he changed his name to MC fatality. he has a vibe bringing mcing style which can b ruff one minute and fun n bubbly the next. Mc fatality has performed at traxx and academy, batchwood.+more.


Mc Danja joined Rip up when it was soon after it was created he started off as Mc Robby c and had an instant love for "tongue twisting" soon as rip up squad where mcing at house parties after house party getting known round the local area another rob made up some chats n became Mc Danja.he showed off these chats at traxx nightclub in hitchen where the ravers n other mcs thought he was great and hes just got heavier ever since


Mc tappa b first joined Rip Up after meeting fatality at collage.after he won an mc comp at academy up against mcz such as Dappa,Rider-d,+ more.After this Rip Up Squad saw his talent and asked him to join.ever since he has mced b2b with rip up squad at events and battles

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