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Rip Up Squad
Dj's profiles


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Rip up squad Dj's



Dj logic has been into garage music since he can remember he first got deckz a year ago and was called Dj Xsite. Then joined rip up squad and changed to Dj logic. He has djed at bars and club all over herts. Such as buzz bar,academmy,traxx+more.he is best performed with an mc as his quick and frankly surprising mixes which give any mc a unique energy.



DJ risk has been djing Drum n Bass + Garage for 2 years.He became part of Rip Up after meeeting logic at a house party in herts.Logic told the rest of the crew about this new dj.They saw risk,who was then Dj Blaze play out at many house partys around the area and thought they must have him in the squad.



Deeformed first got his dex in 2001 after becoming friends with logic, He called himself Dj unger. As Rip Up used to blag it in to his free house they'd use his dex a saw Deeformed potential and let him into the crew this is when he changed his name to Dj Deeformed. This dj can mix Garage + Drum n Bass quickly 2 gether. heavy Unger big up the friends cupboard



Shreddah started liking garage music when he first went to secondary school when meeting the knock out squad. He started Djing and surprising did a set a ali pli quite soon after he started the hobby. He asked Fatality, Cheeky D+ logic if they wanted to start a crew.and since then Shreddah has made up chats and Performed as an mc at events. He has Djed at traxx night club, Ali Pli, edgeware town hall and buzz bar .He is best known for performing on his own with out any mcs for his long mixes which get ravers in a frenzy